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My name is Ruby Ip. I am an alternative medicine practitioner focus on assisting my clients to re-establish inner and outer balance of well being by providing acupuncture, energy healing and essential oil treatments.

My journey as a holistic practitioner was definitely not planned. However, it turns out to be the most rewarding and satisfying journey I have ever embarked upon.

I received a wakeup call one day in spring 1997 and decided it’s time to change my career. At the same time my sister told me she saw a TV program advertising Chinese Medicine training in BC. At that moment I knew that is where my future journey was heading. Within six months I sold my business and moved to Victoria,BC to get my Acupuncture training. That was the beginning of my long list of training. Due to health and family reasons, I transferred back to Edmonton, Alberta, to finish my training (MacEwen College University just opened the first Acupuncture Program in Edmonton). After I graduated from the program, I went to Beijing, China for advance training. At the same year, I successfully passed the Alberta Acupuncture Licence Examination and became a Registered Acupuncturist at the province of Alberta.

Life-time learning is my philosophy. Education plays a big role in my life. New resources keep me going. It is just like a battery that fuels my life. Shortly after I came back from China, I start my acupuncture practice and at the same time I registered for a two years massage therapy training. Massage therapy broadens the scope of my acupuncture treatment. I am able to combine the energetic meridians system with the muscular system of the body, which enhances the effectiveness of the treatment.

My journey keeps unfolding, I finally found my spiritual master who I had been searching for eons. That marks the beginning of my introduction to hands on energy healing called Reiki. As time goes by, I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet different masters and learn different healing systems such as Bodytalk, EFT, Theta Healing, Reconnection Healing, Sirian energy system, Sedna energy system,… etc. Arming with all these tools and more to come, it definitely comes handy when circumstances require it.

My interest on vibrational energy medicine continues expanding. Since 2007, I have been studied using different vibration of colors, light and sound with acupuncture. Vibrational Healing is a form of energy medicine, using different frequency as a medium to heal and to counteract Dis-ease. It could be the frequency of light, color, sound, essence…. The different frequency and vibration are able to talk to our body not only on the physical level, it could communicate with us at a cellular level so as to heal deep seeded emotion and trauma. Therefore, the vibrations of colours, sound and light are able to assist healing to the body and mind.

At present, I am learning to listen to the body’s innate movement such as bones, tissues and organs. I also believed in the healing power of essential oil. I know my learning journey will keep on going forever and I am thankfully embracing every single moment of it.

In 2005, I opened Santé Body Mind Rejuvenation serving people in Edmonton and surrounding area. Recently I relocate my business to my lovely home. Since I often refer my work place as my day time home and my living place is my night time home, it’s a perfect union now that I bring both home together. Finally become whole as one.

I believe in sharing the good to raise the vibration around us.

My intention is to be able to use what I learn and what I know to assist those around me on their healing journey.


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