What is Santé

Santé is a French word mean “Health and Wellness.”

Our philosophy is base on the concept of “Wholeness and Uniqueness”. Therefore our service is a combination of different modalities custom tailor for each individual according to what the body and the mind required healing at a given time. Each client will receive our undivided attention during each healing session.

Our Services

Base on the principle of Structure governs Functions. We focus on alignment and balance. We believe that if the body is not align structurally and it will affecting the movement of all the muscles, joints and bones. It will also affecting internally how the organs, glands, fluids function as a whole. Therefore realign the structure to achieve overall balance and functions of our body system is our primary goal.

More Information

Taking advantage of today’s technology one step further, we offer no needle acupuncture using Microlight for pain relief, rebalance hormonal and body function, weight management and non invasive Energy Light Rejuvenation (ELR) facelift.

At Santé, your experience is total Body & Mind rejuvenation.

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